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by Stormy Petersen - Sparlin
When I first sat down with Angie about six months ago, I knew I had to spend more time with her. She seemed to be the perfect muse for Faded Cloth; a portrait photographer located in Salt Lake City, UT who loves to travel, dance and sometimes behave like a child. She's convinced that you will grow old if you don't act just a little bit ridiculous. I happen to agree with her. She never told me she had a story to tell; I just felt like she had a lot of inspiring things to say. She's grounded, accomplished in so many ways, and an overall incredible human being. She's lived life and has so much insight to offer to others. As she explains it, "I'm just a gal trying to make a living while pursuing my dream." She is a mother of three sweet babies that keep her on her toes. She started Simplicity Photography in 2005, and thus began her journey. It took many years to build her business to where it is today, and she says, "It was all worth it, I have the freedom to spend the time with my children, friends, and family, all while exploring the world and meeting new people."
If you want a little escape surrounded by wondrous women, you've got to check out her links below.
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"My perfect job is to help women see their power and to support and encourage more women to persevere through hard times, all while traveling the world." 
Angie's studio is a creation unto itself, full of magic and creative energy. From the large-scale windows that drench the room with sunlight to the antique wooden floors that have been worn in with a life well-lived, every inch of space is a representation of the free-flowing, artistic force that Angie is. An artisan in every sense of the word, Angie is curious, worldly, and genuinely intrigued by all that surrounds her. She seeks beauty in every moment and every opportunity. Her biggest fear is to not live her life to its fullest.Angie smiling on a beach somewhere fabulous!
Angie isn't merely just a photographer she's also the driving force behind Derive Retreats, a foundation encouraging women to discover themselves again through travel and life experiences. "Mindset is everything; I started offering trips for women because travel was my coping skill through my divorce. It has taught me so much about myself and given me a much greater perspective." She knew that others were most likely feeling overwhelmed or lost in their journeys, and she saw it as an opportunity to encourage many women to grow as well.
"At the end of the day, it's rewarding to see what I can create for myself." ~ Angie
Arabella Dress on Angie. Beautifully inspired by nature. Angie sitting in her Arabella Dress from Faded Cloth

Every photo and every retreat comes with a story.
Both derive from a place of compassion and growth.
Click on her websites below to learn more.  

Check out her upcoming retreats at

and her photography page at

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